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What is Energy as a Service?

Countries around the world are setting accelerated targets for decarbonization. In the UK, the government’s latest Carbon Budget features plans to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035 – compared to 1990 levels – taking the nation more than three-quarters of the way to reaching net zero by 2050.  Given that buildings now account for 36% of final energy use, they are a prime target for energy efficiency initiatives and will be a major contributor to climate target attainment.

In order to achieve these goals, more attention must be paid to the existing commercial and public building stock. In Europe, roughly 75% of the building stock is energy–inefficient. This means that a large part of the energy consumed is in effect wasted. Renovating existing buildings could reduce the EU’s total energy consumption by 5-6% and lower carbon dioxide emissions by about 5%. Yet, on average, less than 1% of the national building stock is renovated each year. To meet climate and energy objectives, experts state that the current rates of renovation should at least double.

The adoption of SMART Buildings is a great step forward in the pursuit of improving energy efficiency and sustainability as a whole as they are proven to save energy by automating controls and optimising systems:

Whereas an upgrade to a single component or isolated system can result in energy savings of 5–15%, did you know that a SMART building with integrated systems can realise 30–50% savings in existing buildings that are otherwise deemed inefficient?

Making the switch to a SMART Building is a no brainer. So, what if you could generate immediate savings on your current building’s energy usage to allow for the reinvestment and kick-start process of converting to a SMART Building? Well, now you can.

At Juberi, we’ve recently partnered with Fusion for Business (FFB), an honest and transparent cost saving energy consultant, committed to helping UK businesses use energy more efficiently as part of an industry shift to achieving Net Zero through the implementation of debt free, risk free, cost, carbon and energy saving measures.

FFB operate a ‘both sides of the meter’ approach for business energy consumers in order to provide a highly disruptive ‘subscription energy and facilities management’ solution. This solution disrupts the traditional procurement model and ways in which buildings are managed, by focussing on the kWh saved rather than the kWh consumed. They call this ‘Energy as a Service’.

By combining all energy related costs under one trusted and transparent contract FFB support businesses of all shapes and sizes to unlock significant cost and carbon savings to reinvest back into the futureproofing of your building. All savings are backed by an insurance guarantee to ensure you achieve 100% of the forecasted cost savings, with no need for any upfront capital outlay.

Benefits at your fingertips…

The concept of Energy as a Service helps to address and overcome the four main barriers for UK business when it comes to tackling Net Zero and reducing their energy costs:

  • Overpaying for utility contracts
  • No capital for energy efficiency projects
  • Lack of time and resource for assessment and delivery
  • Lack of trust in the marketplace

Energy as a Service enables you to benefit from:

  • FREE desktop assessment of energy cost saving potential
  • Debt free, off balance sheet Energy Efficiency asset upgrades
  • Transparent fees
  • Visibility of energy data
  • Insurance backed, guaranteed cost savings
  • Reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Reduction in kWh use
  • Reduction in energy cost

With our exclusive partnership, we are offering all Juberi customers access to a FREE Desktop Energy Optimisation Report from FFB as the first step in understanding where considerable savings can be made. All they need is a copy of your current energy bills to get started.

If you’d like to find out more about claiming your FREE report or for advice on your Net Zero strategy then please contact us.