02 | IT / OT Network

To leverage IT/OT convergence, both networks must be designed and deployed in a way that makes data accessible, meaningful and secure.

Achieving Sustainable Buildings

A converged network architecture design is the only system that fulfils future network demands for the conscious building operator when they want to achieve sustainable buildings.

We use a solution of wired, wireless and AI-driven cloud hybrid services and our IT network architecture design is the most secure and scalable among all others because of its threat-ware ability, its converged capability and federated management.

Juberi has developed its own SMART Network Reference Model; referencing the two separate LAN’s covering IT and OT networks with the secure transition of data between the layers and different domains.

How It Works

The Juberi SMART LAN Wi-Fi platform is built on a modern microservices cloud architecture, which enables elastic scale to meet changing wired and wireless access LAN Infrastructure requirements.

The Wi-Fi platform utilises Bluetooth Low Energy for location services and is also able to track employees in real-time as they move throughout the building, enabling owners/operators to easily comply with new Covid-19 hygiene/social distancing regulations.

The Benefits

Benefits of the Juberi converged infrastructure include:

Application Server Infrastructure

Often overlooked, an infrastructure which provides resilience, redundancy and is secure is key for the productive and efficient management of a Smart Building.

Using tried and tested hardware, reliable server operating systems and architectural design, Juberi can implement appropriate infrastructure relevant to the needs of the customer and the systems they demand.

With full lifecycle IT management, Juberi can provide a full turn-key project delivering this critical infrastructure, working closely with both vendors and integrators to enable efficient deployment.

Service and Maintenance

The Juberi Group has many combined years of delivering critical infrastructure and maintaining it which provides the platform for building management applications and integration projects.

Providing services to monitor and maintain these systems along with their Cyber Security assurance is critical to the smooth running of any building in line with vendor best practices. Typically, we have seen BMS and integrated smart systems which are not maintained and managed proactively which ultimately puts the risk owner and the building operation in peril.

With robust service management practices established and an extensive team of subject matter experts, our clients can have peace of mind that these critical systems are available and accessible.

Have a Question?

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