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We are Smart Building & OT Cybersecurity Architects

Here to transform the way Smart Buildings are delivered through the design and development of innovative, Cyber Secure, IT & OT solutions.

Our vision is to revolutionise the way IT (Information Technology) OT (Operational Technology) Community Technologies (Digital Work Place) are procured, secured, implemented and maintained.

We achieve this by blending the regulatory requirements of IEC 62443 with user expectations to build a systems architecture that reduces business costs and provides a far more resilient infrastructure to protect against malign activity.  

We pride ourselves on putting cyber security at the heart, rather than it being a careless afterthought. Instead of IT and OT network silos, we design a converged network infrastructure to protect any existing or future operational technology network from unwarranted traffic and exploits.

The 3 Components of a Smart Building

It’s important to consider the protection of your smart building holistically. After all, there’s more than one entity at risk:


Whether it’s crucial IT and telecoms infrastructure, safety systems or HVAC, a smarter building keeps everything running efficiently. Failures are minimised through preventive maintenance and any issues that do occur are quickly diagnosed and repaired to keep everyone connected and cause minimal disruption.


It’s simple. Building occupiers just want to know that everything works as it should. It’s about keeping the simple things (like booking meeting rooms) simple. With no over complications or confusion. A smarter building makes all of this possible.


A modern commercial building has many functions. There are multiple systems that help people collaborate and work safely, comfortably and efficiently. Modern technology makes all of these functions easy to control with minimal disruption or human intervention.

The Juberi Journey - It all starts with a Cyber Threat Assessment!

The integration of advanced technologies, such as OT and artificial intelligence (AI), has revolutionised the way buildings are designed, constructed, and operated. This has given birth to the modern concept of smart buildings, which are equipped with a plethora of interconnected devices, sensors, and systems designed to optimise energy efficiency, enhance occupant comfort, and improve overall building performance. There’s no doubt that smart buildings make the world a better place. But if they are not managed correctly, your interconnected systems can also pose a major threat to your business through catastrophic security breaches and hacking. That’s why we’ve created a smart pathway to protect you – we call this the Juberi Journey.

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Our 6 Step Process
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We understand that building operators and occupiers may be at different stages of their journey to creating a smart workplace for their employees and business operations. Regardless of your current position or status, we always start with Step 1, the Cyber Threat Assessment. This helps both you and us to understand key aspects of your network architecture including Security Risk, Productivity and Performance.

The Juberi SMART Edge SD-WAN solution

SD-WAN is the Critical building block in your Smart Building Architecture.

The Juberi SMART Edge SD-WAN solution plays a vital role in addressing the cybersecurity challenges associated with smart buildings. By providing advanced networking features and edge virtualisation capabilities, the SMART Edge solution ensures the protection of critical building functions, secure communication between interconnected devices, and enhanced visibility and control over the entire network infrastructure.

We Take Pride in Our Numbers

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