We’re changing the way smart buildings are delivered

Juberi design and develop innovative Cyber Secure IT, OT, Community Smart buildings – with a converged ECO system at the heart.


Juberi Vision


To revolutionise the way IT, OT and Community Technologies are procured, implemented and maintained. These technologies being embedded holistically within scalable, sustainable Smart Buildings, cyber secure by design.



Juberi will maximise the Smart Building’s integrity and performance whilst indemnifying our client’s security, engagement and wellbeing.


Find out more about what we do and how you can begin your journey to a SMART building.



Why smart buildings?

SMART building systems architecture not only reduces overall costs and provides a resilient SMART building infrastructure, but also enhances the wellbeing of building occupiers. This is achieved by applying corporate IT standards and solutions to an integrated SMART building infrastructure.

Once this is in place, our expertise in BMS & IoT provides building owners/occupiers with a range of products and services to achieve their long-term strategic objectives.

Juberi’s IT network architecture design is the most secure and scalable among all others because of its threat-ware ability, its converged capability and federated management.

Only then a cyber-secure IoT pathway towards SMART Buildings can begin.

How do we do it?

Balancing regulatory requirements with user expectations we build a systems architecture that reduces overall costs AND provides a resilient infrastructure that enhances the wellbeing of the building itself, as well as the internal business and its occupiers.


Instead of IT and OT network silos, we design a converged network infrastructure based on standards that serve the segmentation requirements and protect any existing or future operational technology network from unwarranted traffic and exploits

IT - Cyber-secure platform solutions adhering to ISA/IEC 62443 standards
OT- Reduce environmental impact with real-time energy performance monitoring
Community - Improve employee productivity, creativity and wellbeing
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"An open platform that offers the occupants a mobile wellbeing building interface that ensures a SMART, safe workplace."

Your Juberi Journey

There are six steps to SMART certification on the Juberi SMART building pathway.

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IT/OT Network
Cyber Security