Why Smart Buildings

SMART buildings bridge the gap between IT and OT and align them with the business’s vision and goals, whilst also providing a positive modern user experience for the occupants.

What Is A Smart Building?

A SMART building can be described as any building that uses automated processes to automatically control a building’s operations, such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, security and other IT systems.

Now consider the following:

A new generation SMART building can adapt quickly to changing space requirements, due to the secure wireless infrastructure. New OT technologies can be utilised and controllers can be auto-discovered and plug straight into pre-build control templates from the middleware platform.

We can finally say ‘plug and play’ and not ‘plug and pray’ in the SMART building world.

BizJournalsApril 2019
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Organizations that enable smart technologies and real-time energy management solutions can not only reduce costs by an average of 15%, but also boost the bottom line by creating an environment that reduces energy waste and stimulates employee productivity.