03 | Cyber Security

A lack of knowledge and focus on cyber security can be greatly damaging to any business. Protecting data is crucial for survival.

Smart - Secure By Design

Anti-virus and firewalls are not enough to challenge today’s cyber criminals. Not only are corporate networks frequently attacked, but building networks are also under threat too.

Investing in cyber security before you experience a breach is the only way to protect your networks, data and systems. 

Ask Yourself

How We Mitigate The Threat

Through the Security Operation Centre (SOC), Juberi is able to implement a scalable system on the converged network that delivers real-time cyber security, monitoring, threat detection and response.

What Is The SOC?

The SOC is a management platform that allows organisations to build their own easy-to manage, multi-tenant operations from scratch. It’s robust, resilient and easy to scale. It can detect and respond to threats. It can identify negligent and criminal behaviour. It can derive business intel about machine and system behaviour. Event correlation then simplifies threat detection.

It provides a single point of visibility for all threats and adheres to the latest ISA/IEC 62443 Cyber Security Standards.

The SOC learns by what it finds and thereby reporting processes are smoother, and high-impact threats are detected sooner.

As well as peace of mind for today’s modern building owner, the SOC will also be able to evolve and adapt to future cyber-security requirements.