03 | Cyber Security

We use the best cyber security solutions to protect your business from threats. 

Did you know that 90% of large organisations reported suffering a security breach in the last 12 months?

Protect And Secure What Matters Most

Businesses today face risks from all sides. There’s the constant threat of cyber-attacks and security breaches—the need to meet and maintain regulatory compliance requirements. And the possibility of natural disasters or service outages that can bring your business to a halt.

At Juberi, we pride ourselves on putting cyber security at the heart, rather than it being a careless afterthought. Instead of IT and OT network silos, we design a converged network infrastructure to protect any existing or future operational technology network from unwarranted traffic and exploits.

We’ll help you create plans to secure your network, address security compliance requirements, keep your business up and running, and recover quickly if there’s a disaster or breach. That way, you can enjoy better peace of mind while focusing on growing your business and building customer trust.

Our Cyber Security Services

Here’s some of our most popular Cyber Security Services that have saved business’ a huge amount of money as well as their reputation:

Proud Partners of SecureArm

As part of the Juberi initiative, we proudly work with SecureArm to drive more robust, converged Cyber Security strategies for Smart Buildings.

SecureArm has a wealth of experience and expertise, having worked with the MOD and many Government bodies to name but a few in their impressive client portfolio. To ensure optimum protection and safety for your network and infrastructure, SecureArm enables us provide a simple 3 step process to identifying, resolving and managing your systems and data so that you become protected and have peace of mind:

1. Audits & Reports: Cyber Essentials provides the baseline for your organisation’s security posture.

2. Configuration & Implementation: Have the capability to protect your assets with certified deployments.

3. Protection & Monitoring: Our team of security experts bring their extensive industry experience to the task of protecting and securing your personal and business data.

You can find out more about SecureArm and how we work together to drive greater Cyber Security strategies for OT environments via the button below.

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