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Juberi will save our clients a minimum of 25% capital cost on their ‘Smart Building Journey’ and a further 25% saving on recurring operational costs during the asset life cycle.

The Juberi 6-Step Journey

At Juberi we understand that building occupiers may be at a different stage of their journey to creating a smart workplace for their employees. We have developed the SMART pathway to help both building owners & occupiers achieve this goal.

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Our 6 Step Process
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Below, we will explain the journey in more detail for you.

01 | Assessment

Starting with the assessment, we will do a network infrastructure discovery of the operational technology and supporting IT technology through the use of our unique tools and methodology to assess and recommend improvements to allow for the implementation of SMART technology and connectivity.

02 | IT / OT Network

Once the initial assessment phase has completed, our networking architects and experts working with the customer network engineers and stakeholders will look at how improvements can be made with regard to converging the IT and OT environments and align to the Juberi model.

03 | Cyber Security

The cybersecurity overlay will start with a cybersecurity risk assessment which can be initially started and run in parallel with the other project phases to allow for completion for the Juberi SMART certification.

Based on the ISA 62443 cybersecurity standard, this assessment will identify any procedural or process issues that could allow for a cybersecurity breach, whilst also assessing the converged IT & OT network risk. The assessment will need interaction with key stakeholders to obtain the necessary levels of information.

04 | Middleware

The Juberi middleware platform is the single pain of glass that operators will integrate with to monitor all the elements of the Juberi SMART solution. Using API’s to interact with the various different IT & OT environments to pull the data and information that is displayed in user friendly dashboards.

05 | User App

Empowering the building users and employees is key to a SMART building implementation. Juberi is able to deploy and integrate its own employee and wellbeing application that can be branded to our customers. Downloaded onto the employee or users smart phone to allow interactions such as room bookings , corporate social events, and HVAC & lighting controls.

06 | Certification

Encompassing the Juberi pathway and 6 steps allows us to certify and score the SMART building infrastructure and cybersecurity into a single SMART building certification and report.

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