06 | Certification

Being certified may boost your credibility but the real key is on driving new industry standards.

Get Certified

Throughout the Juberi journey, we will be working towards three different certification requirements: Cyber Essentials Certification for the IT infrastructure, Smart Building Certification IEC 62443 and WiredScore.

Smart Building Certification

SmartScore was created in collaboration with the owners and users of the world’s most advanced properties and provides clarity on what constitutes a Smart building, guidance on how to achieve the status, and proof of the value it adds to your asset.

It identifies best-in-class Smart buildings that deliver exceptional user experience, comprising:

  1. An inspirational user experience
  2. Optimisation of your building to deliver cost efficiencies
  3. Creation of a sustainable environment by reducing carbon footprint
  4. Ensuring your building is future-proofed, through adaptability and modularity to meet new demands

Through the building’s system, its connectivity and integrated network, as well as cybersecurity and data sharing, the Juberi journey will meet key user needs, such as security, productivity, sustainability, maintenance and optimisation, health and and wellbeing, community and services. Certification will, once again, provide that stamp of approval for potential investors and tenants.

Cyber Essentials

Cyber Essentials is a trademarked ‘seal of approval’ from the UK Government. It is awarded to companies who have met certain criteria in protecting and managing their networks.

Through certification, you can be assured that your defences will protect against any cyber threat. Not only does this give you a clear picture of your organisation’s cybersecurity level, but it can also provide reassurance for existing and potential new customers or tenants.

Juberi can help implement a cyber security programme that aligns the corporate IT governance such as ISO 27001, with OT governance using IEC / ISA 62443.