Smart Building Consultancy

Our smart building consultants are at the forefront of digital innovation and at the forefront of knowing how best to protect it.

Delivering safer, data driven buildings

In the digitally connected world we live in, we must respond to the changing nature of the built environment, the evolving demands of building users and the changing requirements of business. “Location, location, location“ is now challenged by “location, efficiency, experience”, making it essential to fully understand how a smart building operates and how best to protect them.

What We Do

Technology is restructuring every aspect of how we operate, from smart city integration to seamless workplace apps and performance diagnostics. Everything we do is increasingly reliant on data which opens some fantastic windows of opportunity, alongside a plethora of crippling threats.

Our smart building consultants work hard to remain at the forefront of digital innovation but our point of difference lies in the fact that we work even harder to be at the forefront of knowing how best to protect such innovation.

Formerly known as Crossite Associates, our team of consultants have a renowned reputation in smart building infrastructure, cyber security and IT/OT Convergence. By fusing their knowledge and decades of experience in these three core disciplines, our consultants help clients better understand the digital landscape, the value that technology and digital services can bring to an organisation, as well as working with you to define what “security” really looks like within your network. They help you define the vision, develop and execute a strategy and stay with you in the long term to ensure you achieve your business goals.

What We Offer

Some of our most popular consultancy services include:

When should I engage a Smart Building Consultant?

One of the first steps towards delivering a truly smart digital infrastructure is to assign a smart buildings consultant as early as possible within your project. This ensures that as a collective, we are able to capture the ultimate user requirements and derive a use case analysis against budget, functionality, complexity and resiliency. Our case analysis is then converted into a set of operational, functional and constructional architecture plan that we will work with you on to roll out.

Why Choose a Juberi Smart Building Consultant?

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