05 | User Application

Welcome to Dotti. A user-friendly app that combines the 3 C’s (Communication, Connectivity and Community) to help you find and retain top talent.

The Wellbeing App For Smart Buildings

Covid-19 has forever changed the way we work and by moving to SMART building status, owners and operators will be able to manage the ‘new norm’ more effectively than ever before.

The long-term benefits for building owners and operators are clear. However, the converged network infrastructure also elicits many benefits for the end-user, ie the staff.

About Dotti

Via Juberi’s mobile app – Dotti – building owners can provide an increasingly personalised working environment. For example, employees can book meeting rooms, car park spaces, or their weekly hot desks all via the app.

As the war for young top talent intensifies, keeping workers connected, engaged and productive provides a strategic advantage. Salary and benefits are no longer enough to retain staff, thereby building a thoughtful working environment can only lead to increased employee satisfaction, productivity and retention.

The Benefits

The Dotti app puts control in the hands of the building’s users. The benefits can include:

Room control: temperature and lights, humidity, CO2.

Meeting room booking – presence detection with associated cleaning regime.

Seamless IT integration between home and office environments.

Booking hot desks – space utilisation.

Track and trace.


Booking car park spaces.

Social distancing.

Increase wifi speed.

Have a Question?

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