The purpose of middleware is to bridge and secure connections between different applications, platforms or services. Welcome to DORA3.

What Is DORA3?

Juberi’s DORA3 middleware platform is the next-generation software platform with a suite of apps for building automation and IoT applications. DORA3 allows the simplification of SMART Buildings, equipment and IoT.

How Does DORA3 Work?

DORA3 is a product-agnostic, AI-enabled middleware platform.

It integrates with all IoT data and devices on the converged networks and provides users not only with MI reporting but also with graphics, point histories and the ability to add control logic, alarms, and time schedules. with a ‘single pane of glass’ view of the network. Click here to see more.

The user has a choice of access. It is accessible via mobile, tablet and desktop devices.

DORA3 Provides...